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The Raven Boys - Maggie Stiefvater I was so excited to read this book. I was on a book high just thinking about reading it. The plot sounded so cool. A girl sees the ghost of the boy that will be her true love or someone she's killed, but she hasn't killed anyone. She has also been told from a young age that her kiss is deadly, so she must not kiss anyone. Then she meets the boy that apparently is her true love. Dun dun dun...

When I started reading, I was so excited. I overlooked the fact that I had trouble getting into the beginning. Maybe I should have taken that as a warning. Because this book and I didn't click. I was so confused about this new storyline, the ley lines, that was introduced. I didn't remember reading anything about that in the synopsis. And that seemed to be the entire plot of the book. I was so dissapointed because I didn't understand a lot of that. I mean, WHAT THE HECK IS A LEY LINE!?!?!?

I would love it if someone explained it to me.

I am so confused and annoyed by this ley line thing, that I'm not really sure what else to say.

She is the deadly lips girl. She was surprisingly independent, I was really worried that she would be pathetic and clingy. But she did pretty much attach herself to Gansey and his friends. I would be freaking out and be questioning them. You never know about people. They could be crazy. I would have done a background chance. I also didn't like how she started seeing Adam without him knowing about her vision of Gansey.

His nickname, "Dick," is very fitting. He was a complete dick and I couldn't really stand him. I know he was caring, but I just didn't like him too much.

He is such a sweetie. I want him. I just feel bad because he'll eventually find out about Blue and Gansey.

I also like him. I'll take him away from his jerk brother!! He acts really tough, but he does have a very sensitive and caring side. He's also very protective of his friends.

He is very quiet and comes in and out of the book. We find out why he's like this and why he is so mysterious. He's just pretty much a ghost of himself and is able to materialize around Blue.

At first I thought he was just a random character given pointless attention, but he does end up being important. He was Noah's best friend. They were looking for the ley lines and Whelk allowed Noah to die by leaving him. He ends up getting what he deserves.

I thought that she was unimportant, too, but she ends up being a little important. I was more confused about her character. She's sort of evil in a way. She does some dark magic or something. I guess it just makes sense that she kind of disappears.

Overall, this book was OK. I wanted to love this because I loved the idea. I didn't love it so much after I started reading. To me, I feel like it was different that what the synopsis says it is. I do really want to read the next books because I want to know how the Blue/Adam/Gansey thing turns out.

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