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Evernight - Claudia Gray You might be confused as to why this book has two read dates that were months appart from each other. I started reading this book in May, but I was busy reading a bunch of other books, so I was not able to finish it. I was then able to borrow an ebook version of it and finished the book with that. Because of that, I was confused when I first restarted the book. I couldn't remember all of the characters and some of the world building that had been done. But after a while, I was able to figure things out.

I was confused quite a bit. I couldn't really tell if Bianca knew she came from a family of vampires and was one, too, or not. It was kinda hard to tell. So that was annoying.

I also have to rant. What is it about girls falling in love with guys that are from an opposing side/someone they're not supposed to be with? I guess it makes a great story, and this one was. But I really want to know why?

Hex Hall: Sophie falls for Archer
The Iron Fey: Meghan falls for Ash
Matched: Cassia falls for Ky
And many, many more...

The supporting characters were great, though. I really liked Raquel and Vic was amazing.

I'm not surprised about the ending. Of course Bianca would leave with Lucas and of course the vampires would find her. But I can't wait to find out what happens in the next books!

I could only picture her like Bianca from America's Next Top Model Cycle 9.


But the Bianca in the book was pretty calm, maybe a little clingy. I got annoyed about how she was totally cool with getting to 2nd and 3rd base with Lucas when she barely knew him.

Towards the end of the book, we fin out that he's almost 20. EW EW EW!!! They almost have sex and sleep together in their underwear. Couldn't that be considered pedophilia or something? I'm not sure what else to say cause I'm still freaking out about that.

I felt so bad for him. He got friendzoned at the beginning, then had hope when taking Bianca to the dance, and finally got friendzoned again and had to watch Bianca and Lucas get it going on. I'll comfort him!!

I thought she was a pretty cool supporting character. She wasn't the peppy, girly type, but she still had depth to her and held her own. I also felt so bad for her and wanted to give her a hug, but she would probably punch me.

He was great comic relief and was so cool and funny! I would want to hang out with him so he could make me laugh. I didn't like seeing him sad, he needs to be happy. I know that he and Raquel aren't interested in each other, but they should get together. Just sayin'.

Overall, this book had it's pros and cons, but I still liked it. I thought the concept was cool, vampires learning about the 21st century while alongside human students who are unaware of the vampires. I loved the vampire who was from the Dark Ages that was convinced that there were spirits in technology. It was also cool when Balthazar dissed Courtney, a mean vamp, and brought her down a notch by reminding her that she is from the '80s and doesn't have any seniority. I hope the other books have some of this comic relief!

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