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Violet Eyes - Debbie Viguié I have an obsession with fairy tales. I really do. But at least it's not a problem that I need to get help with. Unless to talk to my family...

Even though this is such a short book, I was also reading a couple other books, so that's why it took me so long to read. Like the other books in this collection, this book was cute, fluffy, and a nice break from 400+ paged books.

I loved that even though Violet was nothing like the typical princess, most prefered her other than those who were princesses. She had beautiful character traits that the other girls lacked. It was kind of obvious that Violet would win the competition and get Richard's heart, but it still had a story and substance.

She was a sweet girl who thought she was born to farmers. But it turns out she came from royal birth and was given to her parents to protect her from those that killed her real family. She falls in love with Prince Richard after she saves him during a stormy night. He loves her back, but they don't know how they could be together. So she proves her worth to his parents.

He falls in love with Violet after she saves him. He would do anything to be with her, but his parents have already invited princesses to come to the palace to take a series of tests to prove their worth. Richard convinces his parents to let Violet join the girls.

Overall, this book was so fluffy. It's kind of a feel good kind of book that we all need once in a while. It's nice to take a break from the books with 400, 500, or more pages. Even though it might be a little predictable, it's still good. I really want to finish the collection!

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