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Wither (Chemical Garden) - Lauren DeStefano This cover is stunning. Absolutely STUNNING. I love everything about it. The dress the model is wearing, I would wear it, and her crazy hair. I love how her ring, the bird in the cage, and her sad expression are brought to attention by being circled.

I loved the idea of the book. It was just so sad that young girls would either be sold into prostitution, sold to a wealthy man to be his wife, or be killed. It was just so sad, but so interesting at the same time. The book follows Rhine, a sixteen year old girl who lives with her twin, Rowan, after their scientists parents are killed. Rowan refuses to let Rhine out, as she would likely be kidnapped. But Rhine wants to get some money for them, but gets taken in a trap to get young girls. She is taken from New York to Florida to live with a young man and be his new wife, along with two other girls.

Rhine hates it there and tries to escape multiple times, but gets caught. She becomes Linden's favorite wife, so she can do pretty much anything she wants. But it's because she looks similar to his first wife, Rose. Rhine meets Gabriel, a servant at the manor, and they develop feelings for each other. They keep their love hidden and find a way to escape. After months of planning, they are able to flee from Rhine's prison and start a life together.

She was a female lead that had a backbone and she wasn't whiny, and it made me so happy! So many female character are annoying and complain, but she didn't do much of that. I felt so bad for her. She was way from her brother and he assumed that she was dead, and she wanted to find him more than anything. She wanted to leave the life of luxury to find him. She wanted to love Linden back, but she just couldn't. She cared about him, but didn't want to be with him for the rest of her life.

I liked him. He helped Rhine prepare to leave and he went with her. I swooned over him. There wasn't a whole lot with him in this book.

He was OK. But he was just so naive about the real world and thought that the girls were so happy to marry him. He was so confused as to why Rhine wasn't happy to be with him. He falls head over heels for Rhine, but she can't reciprocate the feelings. He wants to have sex with her, but she refuses to, so he ends up having sex with Jenna and Cecily, and getting the latter pregnant.

He was SOOOOOO annoying. I just wanted to slap her. I know she was raised to be happy about being married and thought it was amazing, but she was 13. She should not be getting married, having sex, or getting pregnant. Period. She was jealous of Rhine for getting the most attention. She would be so dramatic and do anything to get Linden's attention.

She didn't want to be there, but she gave up and decided to not try excaping. Her sisters were also kidnapped, but killed because they weren't chosen. She hates Linden and his father, but still has sex with Linden. She dies sooner that usual, at age 19. Rhine suspects that Vaughn had something to do with her sister wife's death.

Linden's father who chose and bought Rhine, Jenna, and Cecily. Rhine doesn't trust him at all and keeps his only son in the dark about what life is really like for everyone else. He has a role in Jenna's death to show Rhine that he has power over everyone.

Rhine's twin brother who believes that Rhine is dead after she is taken. He became very cold after their parents were killed. He doesn't want Rhine to be taken from him, too.

Overall, this book was great. I loved watching the characters grow and change and interact. I love watching the relationship development between Rhine and Linden and Rhine and Gabriel. I will definitely read the next books as soon as possible!

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