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Nightshade: Book 1 - Andrea Cremer I'm not sure if it's just me, but the little sentence teaser thing sounds cheesy. "She can control her pack, but not her heart." Sounds like a ham and cheese sandwich to me. But the cover's still really pretty. I love the profile of the girl and the wolf and the background colors.

I got kind of annoyed by Calla. She was strong, but she also complained SOOOOOOO much!


(This is one of the few times I'll love Miley Cyrus)

I feel like she convinced herself that she was the victim. That her life sucked an everything. I know that it wasn't great, but she didn't have to complain in EVERY chapter. Ren also annoyed me. He just acted like he could get whatever he wanted and that he was above everyone else. He was so irritating. But I had a soft spot for Shay. His name was Seamus, was Irish, and had brown hair and green eyes. I'm in love! It was made me think of Devon Murray, who played Seamus in the Harry Potter movies. I have a HUGE crush on him!!


Huge crush. I was kind of confused at times. I'm not sure what else to say. I don't was to give out spoilers like I have before. But... OK.

A Gaurdian and alpha of her wolf pack, thr Nightshades. Guardians is was the wolves are called. She was really annoying. I know that she cared for everyone around her, but she just complained so much. I hope she becomes a stronger character

He is the alpha of his wolf pack, the Banes. He just acts like he's amazing and so cool. I hate that kind of attitude. He also had a history of being with a lot of girls, but Calla wasn't allowed to be with anyone. She had to be pure. He really did care about Calla and loved her. I just hope that he doesn't act so arrogant in the next books.

I had a soft spot for him. He moves the Vail and gets attacked by a bear in the woods and Calla saves him. They fall in love, but they aren't allowed to be together, as Calla and Ren are pretty much bound to each other. They eventually run away.

Overall, this book was good. But it has the stereotypical love triangle and forbiddan love thing going on. I do really want to read the next books in the trilogy, though.

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