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Delirium  - Lauren Oliver I was really sad when I got this book from the library and it wasn't the edition with the face and cool colors on it. So disappointing.


The blue is really pretty, though. I also love the font.

OHMYGOD!!!! I just realized that behind the font is a face!!!!! I feel so smart!!


Throughout the entire book, I usually felt bad for Lena. I mean, her life has been pretty crappy. Her parents are dead, her sister is now a zombie (not a real zombie), and she has to live with her aunt who she isn't close to at all. When Alex came in, that's when it became interesting. And I was really happy that Lena's best friend, Hana, was supportive of her relationship with Alex, even though they weren't supposed to be together.

I could really feel all the stress that Lena was going through to be Alex. It hurt me when things didn't work out and when they were eventually separated. After the cliffhanger at the end, I NEEDED the sequel. I HAD to know what happened next!!

She is terrified for catching the deliria, love, like her mom did. She doesn't want to end up killing herself, too. She does anything to prevent herself from falling in love. She's really lonely, as her sister is married and she lives with her aunt and cousins. She ends up meeting Alex, and can't help herself from falling for him. And she'll do anything to make sure that they can be together.

He is a boy from the Outside, who came to Portland to see what it's like to live there and find what is being hidden from everyone. He meets Lena and shows her what it's like to actually have feelings. He teaches her love, passion, and pain. He and her try to escape to freedom, but they are separated when the officers catch them.

Lena's best friend, even though they come from two totally different parts of town. Hana is rich and privileged and Lena is from the poor district. She starts going against the government by finding songs and music that is banned and deemed illegal. She helps Lena and Alex be together.

Overall, I thought this book was amazing! It kept me at the edge of my seat and I kept turning the pages. I loved the concept and the characters! I NEEDED the sequel right away.

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