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Firelight (Firelight #1) - Sophie Jordan After reading Nightshade, I didn't have high hopes for this book, as it is also a shape shifter book. But I was thankfully proved wrong and I loved this book! The cover also puts the cherry on top.

I felt bad for Jacinda. It's not her fault that she becomes the most valuable draki in her clan and her twin sister, Tamra, didn't shift. Tamra despises Jacinda for this and wants to leave their secluded clan. Their mother sides more with Tamra, as she blames Jacinda for her husband's death and gives up her draki form to be closer with Tamra. The only person that Jacinda is close to is her best friend, Az.

Jacinda's mother decides to flee from the clan, forcing Jacinda to come with her and Tamra. They go to a desert and it starts to kill Jacinda's draki, but no one cares. Jacinda meets Will, the boy who saved Jacinda. But there's a catch, he's a draki hunter. They start to fall for each other, but Will doesn't know her true form.


I'm not sure what else to say... I felt so bad for Jacinda. And I couldn't stand her mother or Tamra. Tamra was just never happy. When she finally got her "normal" life, she was unhappy. She just seemed so ungrateful and didn't care about the pain that Jacinda was going through to make her happy. So annoying.

Forced to leave the draki clan she loves to live among humans and have her draki form die off, against her will. I felt bad for her. She didn't really have anyone to be really close to. Her mother and twin didn't show much affection towards her. I was happy when she fell for Will and he loved her back, I was just sad that it was so hard for them to be together.

Jacinda's bratty twin sister who never seems to be happy. She just seemed to be so ungrateful and didn't care about anyone but herself and blames Jacinda for everything.

Mother (can't remember her name)
Couldn't stand her. I'm not sure what else to say. I think she was a bad mother to Jacinda and clearly prefered Tamra.

A draki hunter that saves Jacinda from being killed from his family. He later falls for Jacinda, not knowing that she is the draki he saved. Despite finding this out, he still cares for Jacinda.

Jacinda's best friend who I thought was awesome. She was blue in her draki form. How could I not love that? I thought she was cool and sassy. Everyone needs a sassy best friend!

Overall, this book was so cool and it was a different shape shifter than the normal werewolf. I can't wait to read the rest of the trilogy!!

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