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Eve - Anna Carey I didn't realize until after I finished the book that the gate on the cover is supposed to be the Golden Gate Bridge. It is, right? That girls arms look a little weird. Like, there's just something off about them. But I'm not sure what...


Maybe it's the arms. I'm probably just a really confused person.

This book had a really cool concept. Most of the population has been killed off, so girls are taken and put into boarding schools where they never leave. They learn everything they need to know and believe that after they graduate, they get a job and become adults. They don't. They are taken to a building where they are constantly impregnated to help increase the population. Eve, the main charater doesn't believe this, until she sees it for herself. Another girl, Arden, tells Eve this before she escapes. Eve sneaks to the building where the girls are held and sees it for her own eyes. With the help of a teacher, she leaves the school and sets off to find a safe haven.

Now we get to see how stupid Eve is. She sees a bear and thinks, "He must be nice like Winnie the Pooh! I'll get close to him!" She barely survives when a boy, Caleb, saves her. It got better when he came.


Eve has never seen a boy and thinks he's going to take advantage of her. He was a sexy boy. But I really don't know what he saw in Eve. She was a dumb-dumb.

She learns that there is no real future for her other than being a vessel for bearing children. When she leaves the school, she has no clue how to take care of herself. She annoyed me. Maybe she'll get smart and grow up in the next book.

Eve's lucky he came along or else she'd be dead. He took her and Arden in with his family of boys. He sounded pretty hot. He really cared about Eve and loved her. He also cared about Arden because she was sick. I'm just surprised that he left Eve at the end of the book.

She escapes the school before Eve, but needs Eve's help to survive. Caleb and Eve care for her when they join Caleb's friends.

The leader of the group of boys. He develops feelings for Eve and when he gets drunk, he pushes himself onto her. When Caleb sees this, he gets a sad and thinks Eve is cheating on him and runs away. Lief had long hair, if you've read my review for Dead Beautiful, you'd see that I can't stand guys with long hair.

Overall, this book was pretty good, I want to know what happens next. I didn't like all of the characters and everything that happened, but I still want to read the next books. The covers are also really pretty.

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