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The Diamond Secret: A Retelling of "Anastasia" (Once Upon a Time) - Suzanne Weyn,  Larry Rostant,  Mahlon F. Craft I've been obesessed with Anastasia since I was a little girl. Anastasia was one of my favorite movies when I was younger, and I still love it. I died a little on the inside when I found out that Anastasia Romanov died with the rest of her family. I fangirled when I found this book.


I also fangirled while I read this book because I read it in one sitting.

I read this book during the trimester that I had a Russian History class, so I understood a lot of what the characters were talking about, such as the Proletariats and how to correctly pronounce Ivan. It's Eeee-vahn, not I-vin. Get it right!

I loved Nadya. She had her moments when she broke down and got emotional, but she was also very strong and was determined to go to Paris. She also wasn't afraid of her feelings for Ivan. He just needed to not be afraid to love her!

There were multiple little stories going on in this book, and it was nice to see what everyone was thinking and trying to find.

A tavern girl who doesn't remember anything about her past. Ivan and Sergei tell her that she is the Grand Duchass' long-lost granddaughter. And it turns out that she actually is. I could feel all of her emotions throughout the story.

He was a soldier that was part of the group that killed the Romanov family. He let Anastasia get away, but he saw her get shot and assumed that she died. He's scared to open up to Nadya and tell her that he loves her.

Ivan's friend who was a Count while the Romanovs were in power. He wants to go to Paris to find his wife and child, who fled when the Romanovs were attacked. He is very nurturing and caring of Nadya and acts like an older brother/father figure.

Overall, this book was very cute and fluffy. I just loved how everything was laid out and how the characters developed. It was great to read a book that was about the Romanovs and Anastasia surviving. I can't wait to read more of this collection.

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