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Daughter of Smoke & Bone - Laini Taylor This books was SOOOO creative!! It was super original and was nothing like what I've ever read before. I should also add that the cover is stunning! I love the contrast of the blue and white/grey/black. It made me remember of the blue color that I had dyed in my hair.


I think I'm in love.

I loved the interaction between the characters, especially the interaction between Karou and Zuzana and Karou and Kaz. Karou and Zuzana were best friends and they weren't afraid to say anything and it was nice to read the dialogue between two great friends. Karou and Kaz's interaction was awesome because Karou couldn't stand him and didn't fawn over him after breaking up.

You go, Karou!!


Haha! Sucks for you, Kaz!!


I got confused at some moments, but then I was able to understand what the heck was going on. I also fell head over heels for Akiva. He was just... I don't know... kinda dreamy. But I hated him at the end!!! I wanted to kill 'em!!!! UGH!

I thought she was a great female character. She didn't spend her time fawning over Kaz. She had a life and she did what she wanted to do. She also had blue hair and I love that color!

She was so funny! She was so sassy and little and didn't like it when people thought she was adorable. I was able to connect to her a lot. She was just awesome. She was a great supporting character!

Can he please be real? I want to find him and make him mine. Except at the end when I wanted to kill him for doing something terrible.

Karou's ex-boyfriend who still follows her around. He cheated on her but he keeps trying to win her back. Karou is not afraid to keep turning him down. He was really funny, though.

He was a father figure to Karou. He was sort of the Devil's right hand man and created new bodies for those who died.

Overall, this book was amazing! It was so creative and original. I can't wait to read the next two. It was hard to say anything that was bad about this book. I loved it!!!