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Dead Beautiful (Dead Beautiful #1) - Yvonne Woon So pretty much everything was predictable. It was a mixture of The Sorcerers Stone, The Chamber of Secrets, Mean Girls, Twilight, and New Moon.

Actual Review

When I first picked up this book, I was SO excited. Zombies? Heck YEAH!! Thing is, I had to wait til about the last quarter of the book for the zombies to come out. And he was like Stephenie Meyer's vampires. Dante, the zombie, was all perfect and incredibly handsome and every good characteristic wrapped into one pony-tail wearing teenager. I should mention that I hate it when guys have super long hair and put it into a pony-tail or bun. There was a guy at my school who had long hair at it looked nasty. There was another guy with long hair and he would wear a headband. EW.


Back to the book...

Renee's parents die a mysterious death, so she's sent to live with her estranged grandfather and must go to a private boarding school in Maine. Here comes the Harry Potter similarity!!!!!


Yes you did. It's because she has no creativity. Renee is whisked off to a new school that has secrets hidden under the old, castle-like exterior. Sound familiar?


Just a little. Then it gets all Twilight-y. Renee meets a boy, Dante, who is so mysterious and elusive and handsome and crap.

Renee when she meets Dante:


Ugh. She then becomes obsessed with him. She purposely fails her Latin tests so she can have private tutoring with him. Mean Girls, anyone?


No, but Yvonne does if she thinks we didn't see that she copied that, too. And then... Eleanor, Renee's new BFF, goes missing!


Harry Potter... again? Wow. Someone must really look up to JK Rowling. I do, too, but that doesn't mean that I would copy her ideas.

Eleanor goes missing for a few days... and the teacher's start freaking out!! Well, Renee starts freaking out, and who does she turn to? Dante.

A bunch of other uninteresting stuff happens and Renee gets turned on by Dante. She REALLY wants to get it going on with him. Even after she finds out that he's a zombie. That's nasty. Why would you want to have sex with a dead guy? She eventually finds out who/what he is and asks him, Twilight style, how old he is and how long he has been that age.

Guess how old he is.


17. Surprise, surprise...

Dante gets in trouble and almost dies, so she risks her life to save him. She risks her life because he died the same day she was born, so she has his soul. If I were her, I'd be like "Eh, you're already dead. I can find someone better who isn't dead and won't kill me if I kiss him." When she wakes up afterwards, she finds out that Dante has disappeared and that she must go to a new boarding school. She doesn't think she can go on. I smell a little New Moon right here...

Get over yourself!!! You had a great boyfriend who was ALIVE that actually cared about you! And you dropped him like dog crap!!!!

I've gone on enough of a rant I guess.

Has a thing for dead guys. I COULD NOT stand her. She complained the entire time and... I'm not sure what else to say other than that I wanted her to shut up. She's wimpy just like Bella from Twilight. I hope she eventually gets a back bone.

I hope he dies. Completely honest. He leads Bella... I mean Renee on and then is like, oh hey! I'm a zombie. Let's still be together. He is so much like Edward it's gross. He also has really long hair. Can he not cut it? He wears it in a pony-tail and a bun. EW. NASHTAY.

Overall, it was a good idea, I just don't feel like it was executed well. As much as I couldn't stand this book, I think I'm gonna continue the trilogy. What can I say? I have no self control.