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Eve & Adam - Michael  Grant, Katherine Applegate I thought this book had such a cool idea. It's like... a retelling almost of the story of Adam and Eve. I feel like people will get made at me of saying that.


Whatever. Anyways, it's all about how this girl, Eve/Evening/E.V., who is told to make the perfect boy. If I made a perfect boy, this would be him...


The reason Eve must make this perfect boy is because she is recovering from having her leg cut off and sewn back on from a car accident


and her mom is a crazy sciency lady. Eve's crazy best friend, Aislin, joins the party after her drug dealer boyfriend gets in trouble. There's also Solo, a young worker at the research facility. After Eve's accident, Solo is there to take her to the facility. And during that time when she's in pain and freaking out, he's fantasizing about her.


She could've been dying!!!! Control yourself!


Guess not. He continues to fantasize about her during his POV. Adam, the perfect boy, eventually comes to life and everyone is awestruck by his beauty.


Eve sorta falls for him. But then she's like... eh, JK. So then Aislin decides that he's her's. While she's in the hospital with her boyfriend who was just shot!!!! Again, SERIOUSLY!?!?


I am too, Kat. I am, too...

We then never figure out how Maddox, Aislin's boyfriend, is doing. Does he die? Does he go all crazy about how she's now gonna hook up with a sexy Kyle XY? Or is he gonna be like every other guy, and wanna have sex with him, too? The world may never know...

Most of the book is through her POV. So we don't learn much because she has no clue what everyone is doing around her. We get to see how she feels confused and unsure what she's doing. I didn't understand some of the stuff cause I hated Biology.

We also get to see the story through his POV. He knows more about what's going on and is able to sneak around and find more information. He's nice, awkward, and... a perv. He's FANTASIZING about Eve while she's in the ambulance! NARSTY!

Eve's mom. Portrayed as this ice-cold bitch for wanting to be a successful business woman. If it was a guy, it would be considered fine. Just cause she works hard doesn't mean she's a bad woman! She constantly slut shames Aislin for having sex and dating a drug dealer.

Eve's best friend. She has a toxic relationship with Maddox, a drug dealer that sucks at dealing drugs. She gets judged all the time by Tera. But I kinda liked her. She was the funny and pervy friend. I'm kinda like her, except for the relationship experience.

There's very little to his POV. He doesn't know much other than that he loves Eve. Everyone just stops and stares at him when he walks by and Adam is always confused. Did they not tell him that he was freakishly beautiful?

Overall, I loved this book. It was such a cool concept and it was executed well. I was worried about it having two authors, but everything flowed and you coldn't tell who wrote which sections. I've heard that there might be a sequal, and I REALLY hope there is! I can't wait!