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Of Poseidon - Anna Banks

I plan on becoming a mermaid when I grow up. If I can't be a mermaid, I'll be a fairy, a unicorn, a Phoenix, or a sylph or something like it.


But sadly, this is the real world, they "don't exist."



But I believe...


So back to the book.


When I first heard about this book, my first thought was "OMG I NEED THIS BOOK IT'S ABOUT MERMAIDS WITH VIOLET EYES!!!!" Those are two of my favorite things. I really liked the friendship between Emma and Chloe, it was so great. I was just surprised that there wasn't too much discussion about Chloe and her family after Chloe died.


I really liked all the characters, especially Rayna and Toraf. Their interaction was so funny but you could still tell that they loved each other. I just pretty much loved everything that happened. It kept me reading and I didn't want to stop. I just wanted to keep going and finish it in one sitting.


The one thing that really bugged me were the point of views. From Emma's point, it was in first person, but from Galen's point of view, it was in third person. It just bugged me. I wanted to read it directly from Galen's eyes.



She's part human and part Syrena (mermaid). She wasn't that bad. She wasn't the best female character, but she was much better than some. I loved her humor and reading from her point of view. She was great.



I'm in love. I was just swooning over him the entire time.



I want him to be real so I can find him and make him love me. Syrena.



I loved her and all of her attitude. Although she sometimes acted a little childish, I loved how she wasn't afraid to be aggressive. You could tell that she loved Toraf even she pretended to hate him. Syrena.



I'm also in love with him. I need to find him, too. I need both him and Galen, then life would be good. Syrena.



Emma's mom. We find out that she is Syrena and left the Syrena world to live on land.



She is human and Galen saved her from drowning a few years ago and she helps him live on land and try to fit in with the humans. I loved her because she was so funny and completely honest.


Overall, this book is great! I loved pretty much everything about it. I can't wait to the next books!