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The Girl in the Steel Corset  - Kady Cross

I want this dress. I need this dress. It is so beautiful and it looks like I could go swimming in it. The one thing I don't like is the model's hair. I thought Finley was supossed blondish hair, not dark brown. But I still love this cover.


So Finley is a teenage girl, but she's much stronger than one. She's even stronger than a grown man. After getting into some trouble, she meets people who are just like her. Emily, a gifted mechanic that can communicate with machinery; Sam, a man just as strong as her with an iron heart; Griffen, a young man that can connect with the Aether; and Jasper, an American who's faster than the average person and has better aim with a gun.


I really want to talk about the romances. So Finley and Griffen sort of have feelings for each other, but feel like the other doesn't like them. I was happy that it wasn't total insta-love. Their feelings actually got to progress. Sam and Emily also have a thing. They've both known each other for a while and Emily saves Sam's life. She cares about him, but Sam is oblivious. When Jasper flirts with Emily, Sam gets annoyed. But he doesn't think that it's because he likes her. He eventually realizes that he does like her and that she likes him. So much better than insta-love.


So pretty much my feelings for this book



Happiness and dancing. I loved this book!



I loved her. She was amazing. She's confident, yet scared. She acts strong and independent, but she really does want help with her abilities. She wants help bringing her two personalities together.



I'm in love. I want him. If Finley chooses Jack, I'll take Griffen. I was just swooning over him the entire time. He was so sweet.



Although he was all tough and gruff, he was adorable. He was secretly cute. I want him, too.



She's another amazing supporting character. I want her to be my best friend. We can be little short, pale buddies!



He was so smooth. He could flirt with Finley and Emily and easily get away with it, even though Griffen and Sam didn't like it.



I actually didn't mind the love triangle between him, Finley, and Griffen. Finley is attracted to him through her darker side and she's attracted to Griffen through her lighter side. Although I want her to choose Griffen, I would be fine if she chose Jack.


Overall, I am now in love with steampunk. I was hesitant, but now I know that it is a great genre. I can't wait to read the rest of the series!!