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Abandon  - Meg Cabot



If you see someone wearing tassels, run away. Don't look back. It means that they are EVIL!!!



I could not take this book seriously. The only thing that I remember from the book is Pierce freaking out whenever she saw tassels on anything: shoes, scarves, everything. I just can't get over it. It's also really confusing because the Hades-like character, John, gives Pierce a necklace. Then she gives it to him and he throws it into the cemetary. Later, she talks about grabbing the necklace and stuff.




You don't have it anymore!!!! What's going on!!??!!??


I was really excited to read this because I read Everneath, and loved it, and The Goddess Test, which was pretty good. But this book, I had to keep myself from laughing while reading. I wanted to love it, but I just couldn't.



I wanted to slap her. She acted like she could always get away with everything because her dad was rich. No one cares. Grow up. She kept comparing herself to Snow White. She was soooo beautiful and needed her prince to wake her up from her sleep. So annoying.



He hardly ever shows up, but he's a very Edward-like character. He follows her home and watches her when she's there. Then when he does show up, he gets all emotional and overreacts. He was just as annoying as Pierce. I guess they're perfect for each other.


Overall, I wanted to hit my head repeatedly with the book. The sad thing is, I think I'll probably read the rest of the trilogy because I want to see how this train wreck finishes.