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Carrier of the Mark - Leigh Fallon

How should I describe this book? Should I discuss the plot, the characters, the setting?


It's the same book as TWILIGHT!!!!!


Megan = Bella

Adam = Edward

Aine = Alice

Rian = Rosalie/Emmett

Fion = Carlisle

Caitlin = Angela

Jennifer = Jessica

Dad (did he have a name) = Charlie


It follows the same storyline and plot, just with a few changes. Well... two: the names and the place. Unlike Twilight, this book is in Ireland. I was excited for it being in Ireland. I've been there and I loved it. But in this book, it wasn't so good. So sad.


Here is where I would talk about the characters, but I think everyone can take a great guess as to how they are like. So sad. Again.


Overall, this book was meh. If it wasn't so much like Twilight, it could have been better. But it's not. It's really sad. Maybe I'll continue the series. I do want to see how much it stays like Twilight.