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City of Ashes  - Cassandra Clare

I was planning on waiting a little while to write this review. But I need to write it NOW!!! I have so much to get off of my chest.


I saw about a million comparisons between these books and the Harry Potter series. I decided to look over them. But after reading some reviews, I have to come to terms with the fact that this is a Harry Potter rip off. Here is everything that I couldn't stand about this book:


1. In HP, normal people are called Muggles, in TMI, they are called Mundanes.


2. Clary is Ginny. Yes, she is. Don't lie.


3. Jace is Draco. Yep, don't say anything else.


4. Jace and Clary are pining over each other. And they are SIBLINGS!!!! EWWWWWWWW


5. Clary just learned about this world, and she's already amazing at runes.


6. Alec feels totally uncomfortable admitting his feelings for Magnus. Just tell everyone. Get over it!


7. Clary treats Simon like crap. He's been her friend forever and she's like "OK, we can date" and then she ignores him. She's too busy being in love with her brother.


8. Jace totally believes everything Valentine says, even though Valentine's lies have so many holes.


9. How is Jace's dickhead-ness sexy and hot. I can't stand it.


10. Clary is pathetic.


11. Jace is willing to commit incest!


12. This series was supposed to be a trilogy. Now it has 6 books.


13. Jace's dickhead-ness is OK because he had a hard knock life. Shut up no one loves you!!


14. This entire series pretty much started out as HP fanfic. I don't like published fanfic.


15. Pretty much everything annoyed me.


I think these things will help you figure out how I feel about these characters.


Overall, this series is a trainwreck and it's been fun watching everything fall apart. As much as I cannot stand this author and this series. I think I'll end up reading the rest of the series. It's so funny and I can't take it seriously. I almost bought one of Clare's books at a bookstore before I started the series. I'm so happy that I didn't buy it.