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The Elite - Kiera Cass

This was even more laughable than the first. I feel like so many people are totally into this series and really can't predict who America will be with. I think it's pretty obvious. I also felt like this book was really unnecessary. I feel like this trilogy could be made into a stand alone. Like I said before, the ending is obvious and Ms. Cass could have saved so many trees by not adding useless filler crap.


This book is just SOOOOOOOOOO aggravating. America whines all the time and is never happy. When she had to find a problem to fix, she couldn't think of anything. Really? You just spent the entire first book complaining about how your life was terrible. Then she thinks that Maxon will wait until she's ready and won't spend any time with the other girls. And she also expects Aspen to wait for her. He's probably having sex with the maids or something. This is such a stupid, useless love triangle.




That's all I have to say.



She's the only redeemable character in this book. She does what she wants and chooses to be with one of the guards.



Overall, this book was stupid and useless and another trainwreck that I would like to blow up in a ball of flames. I hope America is the first to die in that trainwreck.