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Annabel - Lauren Oliver

So this was just a short little filler that goes before Delirium, so this will just be a short and sweet little review!


We don't know too much about Lena's mother, Annabel, but we learn about the time when she was a teenager until after she gave birth to Lena and her sister, Rachel. She met her husband, Conrad, when she was going to get a fake cure mark on her neck. She fell in love with him instantly, but he was already cured. He eventually becomes one of her match choices, so she chooses him. She also knew from the beginning that Lena would be different. I felt really emotional during this novella. It's like an emotional rollercoaster!!



Overall, this was a great little filler to teach us about Annabel and hear her story. It was great and emotional and now I have high hopes for the last book!!!