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Dearly, Beloved - Lia Habel

I absolutely LOVED this book!!!!!




(I didn't know Kristen Stewart could show emotion!!)


I just loved this book SOOOOOOO much and I can just go on and on about how Ms. Habel is an amazing author.


At the end of the first book, it seems like everything ends well and is OK, but it's NOT!! A new disease, known as "The Laz" is spreading and no one knows how it started! Of course I wanted some more Nora/Bram lovin', but there was still some crazy stuff going on. There was some towards the end so I was happy. I was sad that Pamela and Coalhouse didn't end up together. I shipped them towards the end of the first book, but they didn't happen...


There was some crazy shit that happens. Michael and Vespertine are just crazy and evil and I wanted to hit them! Michael just goes crazy and wants to kill zombies and kill Bram and make Nora watch. Boy, you be cray. Seriously. Get some help! And Vespertine just hates everyone, especially Nora. Maybe her and Michael should just get together and die. I'd like that. Also, Renfield was too good for Vespertine. Sure, I felt a little bad for her, but not too bad. She doesn't deserve any sympathy. And of course I loved Tom and Chas. And Baldwin and Beryl.


I just have to say that I'm REALLY sad that there is not going to be a third book. I love this series and Ms. Habel and I just want to cry. Ms. Habel posted a message about how she doesn't think she could make a third book because she has despression and hasn't gotten much support and not too many readers. It makes me so sad because she's so talented! She deserves SOOOOOO many more readers!!


I think I've said everything I need to about the characters...


Overall, this book was amazing and kept me reading and there won't be a third book!!!!! Maybe I'll get over it, but probably not. I really hope that one day she continues the story, but I'm not getting my hopes up...