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The Girl in the Clockwork Collar - Kady Cross

Finley and the gang travel to the States after Jasper has to go there with the authorities to confront his past. However, when the group goes to the authorities to find him, they don't have Jasper. They find out that he's in the custody of a criminal he used to work for. He's only doing what his old leader wants him to do because he's threatening the life of the girl he loves, Mei. Mei has a collar around her neck, and if Jasper does anything wrong, it will tighten and could kill her.


Finley and Emily sneak around and try to get Jasper, but Griffin starts freaking out and I was hoping he would confess his love for Finley, but then he didn't. There was so much sexual tension between Finley and Griffin and there was some between Emily and Sam, but not as much. So much sexual tension!!


Jasper finds out that Mei is just using him and doesn't love him. But he meets up with Wildcat, an old flame, and she helps him save Mei. I sense a love rekindling in the future! Griffin accidentally kills Mei, which didn't make me too sad. She was mean to poor Jasper! Jasper decides to stay in the US to visit his family and the rest of the group goes back to England.



Still amazing! She wasn't really the focus of this book, but she still played a big role. She's still one of my favorite female lead characters!!!



He just needs to profess his love for Finley and she'll say that she feels the same way and they can live happily ever after!!



He wasn't around much in this book, but he was still a sexy bad boy. Even though he appeals to me cause he's tall, dark, and handsome, I'm still Team Griffin.



She's still one of my favorite best friends/supporting female characters! She doesn't have a huge part in this book, but she's still important. She's a sassy little Irish lass!!



He's still an emotionally-constipated big oaf. He's starting to admit his feelings for Emily, so that's good. I love his overprotectiveness!!



This book is pretty much all about him and Mei. I felt so bad for him. He risks his life to save Mei, and then finds out that she doesn't love him and has been using him. But I think he should get together with Wildcat. I SHIP IT!!



She was a terrible person and it didn't make me sad that she died. Am I heartless? Most likely. However, Jasper can do much better.


Overall, I am still loving this series and can't wait to read the rest of the books!! There are going to be five but only three are out so far and the fourth one comes out in May 2014!!! YAAAYYYY!!!