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The Dark Discovery of Jack Dandy - Kady Cross

Although he's appeared in the first two books of this series, we don't know a whole lot about Jack Dandy. We don't know his past or his point of view of everything that's happened. When he's offered a lot of money to take a mysterious crate from one place to another, he can't help but look inside. And he didn't not expect to see what he saw.


He finds a half-human half-automaton girl inside the crate. She has a metal skeleton, but has skin growing around it. He becomes attached to her, and when he has to drop the crate off, he can't help but worry what's going to happen to her.


We learn that he gets around with lots of women, so even though he does have feelings for Finley, they aren't as strong as I thought they were. We also learn that his father was a rich man who is embarrassed by Jack, but still paid for him to get a good education.


Overall, this is a great little filler between the second and third books. I can't wait to read the third book and see if the automaton girl reappears!!