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Starcrossed  - Josephine Angelini

I've read a LOT of bad reviews of this book, but I decided to check it out for myself. I wanted to see if I could enjoy. I was WAY to hopeful. This book was SOOOOOOOOO annoying. The beautiful color and mythology-based story led me on and then dumped me off in the middle unhappiness.


I want to start out with Helen. She's tall, talented, and incredibly beautiful. She pretty much has guys falling on their knees when she walks by, but Helen is completely oblivious and has no idea that she's gorgeous. When she meets Lucas, the first thoughts that come to her head are "he's totes sexii" and "I'm gonna kill him for no reason!" Well, those aren't her exact thoughts, but they're close enough. She automatically hates him, but then shit happens and they're madly in love. They can't be pulled apart and they sleep in the same bed together. She's getting pretty far for someone that's never been in a relationship.


Lucas, Lucas, Lucas... I initially fell in love with you because of your name. But as I said before, all this crap happens and then they pretty much plan to run away together. However, there's a catch. Lucas can't take Helen's V-card. So they decide that Helen should have sex with some other guy and it will be all fine.



Then Lucas says that he'll kill the guy she has sex with. You were cool with the idea. If I were Helen, I'd be asking "Do I need to kill the girl that took your virginity?"


Anyways, this book was a crazy train wreck, and I couldn't help but watch it all unfold. I really need to work on my self-control and make better choices. I no longer drink coffee late at night, so I think I can get better.


I don't think I need to re-hash my opinions of Helen and Lucas again down here.


Overall, I'm not sure what drug I was on when I started this book. I should have read the reviews of the people I trust the most on Goodreads. This was pretty much a rewrite of Twilight, but, as I said before, I have no self-control and will likely read the other two books in this trilogy. I'm so disappointed in myself...