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Vampire Academy - Richelle Mead

Vampires are super popular among young adult literature. It's pretty easy to find them. Of course, as we all know, Twilight is probably the most popular. And sadly, other great vampire books get forgotten. Like this one. When I found out that this was going to become a movie, I decided that it needed to put at the top of my list. And I'm so happy that I read it and didn't wait.


Rose Hathaway is a Dhamphir, a half-vampire bodyguard trained to protect the Moroi, the powerful, full vampires. After being on the run for two years with her Moroi best friend, Lissa, she's dragged back to St. Vladimir's, the very school they ran from. And they're not sure if it's safe for them to stay.


Rose gets paired up with Dimitri, a hot, older Dhamphir, to train with.



And there's so much sexual tension between them. I felt so bad for Rose because she had feelings for him and he had feelings for her, but they weren't allowed to show them because of their jobs as bodyguards and their age difference. I loved Lissa and Rose's friendship, but Lissa annoyed me sometimes. I feel like she didn't understand or care that her best friend wouldn't get to have her own life. I wanted to slap Lissa quite a few times.



I also really liked Christian. I do enjoy me some sexy bad boy. Dark hair, blue eyes... let me have him!


I really want to talk about the movie. I haven't seen it, but I feel like I won't like it. I don't really like many of the actors. Rose's actress doesn't look at all like how I imagined Rose. For some reason I got annoyed by Lissa's actress. It's probably the accent. That was the same with Christian's actor, the accent, but I thought he looked like Christian. And I wasn't attracted to Dimitri's actor like I should have been. Dimitri oozes hotness, and I don't feel that the actor does. But I do like the choice of Sarah Hyland for Natalie. Too bad she dies.


I saw and interview of the girl who plays Mia (the actress doesn't look like how Mia should look at all) and she just sounded so stupid. Then Joel McHale made fun of her and I laughed, but felt bad because she made the movie look stupid. I will say that I did like the soundtrack. I love how Natalia Kills (Boys Don't Cry) and Iggy Azalea (Bounce) were included. I love them and I feel like Natalia deserves to be a lot more popular.



She was amazing. She was sassy and snarky, yet still caring. I feel like she was different from a lot of female characters cause she actually had a backbone.



I liked her, but she annoyed me a lot. I feel like she was used to being the center of attention and having her needs being put before everyone else's, including her best friend's.



So, so sexy. He was amazing, he just needed to accept and admit that he loved Rose.



Also quite sexy. If Lissa annoys me anymore, I'm gonna take him and his fire powers!


Overall, this book was amazing and I can't wait to read the other books. Rose and Dimitri just need to get together and live happily ever after!