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Birthmarked (Birthmarked Trilogy (Quality)) - Caragh M. O'Brien

This book was totally amazing. The main character is Gaia, a young midwife that is an outcast for her scar. She knows that she will never find anyone to love her, as she's considered a freak, but she's gotten over it. She knows what she has to do in life and just wants to do her job. That is until her parents are arrested by the people they loyally serve.


Gaia can't accept what has happened, but she chooses to continue on with her life, as that is what her parents would want her to do. However, she decides she needs answers. With some help, she sneaks into the city where the rich live to find her parents. After getting arrested for help delivering a baby from a dead woman, she learns what has happened. Her father was killed and her mother is locked away. He also gets help from a soldier, Leon, who she met when he told her that her parents had been arrested.


Gaia escapes with her little sister that her mother gives birth to right before her death, but Leon gets left behind. This made me so sad because they had feelings for each other. If anything happens to him, I'm gonna cry!



It's in the future and most of the water is dried up, so the nearby lake is called Unlake Superior. Is it Lake Superior in the future? Cause I'm from Michigan so is this like a shout out to us?



She was amazing and strong and independent. She knew what she needed to do and wouldn't let anything stop her. Yeah, she liked Leon, but she still had other plans to fulfill. You go, girl!!




He better not be dead. If he is, my heart will break. I just want him and Gaia to be together and have them live happily ever after!!!


Overall, there is a lot of dystopia, but this stand out. It has a strong female character and she doesn't let a boy get in her way. And I like her. She better have a happy ending!