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Born at Midnight - C.C. Hunter

Vampires, Witches, and Werewolves, OH MY!!! And Fey and Shape shifters, too. And ghost communicators or whatever Kylie is. We still don't know yet.




I really liked this book, but the love triangle was a little annoying. The two guys involved are Derek, who's half-Fey, and Lucas, a werewolf. I don't think Derek is too bad, but he is a little pushy. He wants to bock his animal communicating powers, but he doesn't really want Kylie to block her ghost powers. I was more annoyed by Lucas though. I love me my tall, dark, and handsome young men, but Lucas was an asshole. He's just rude and treats Kylie like crap most of the time. And for some reason, lots of girls find this attractive.




I'm losing hope in the teenage girls of today.


But other than the love triangle, I loved this book!! Della, a vampire, and Miranda, a witch, were great best friends. Sure, they would try to kill each other when they fought, but they were so funny!! Just so sassy and they just seemed like real teenage girls. Sure, they were sometimes kinda dumb, but we are all kinda dumb.


I just have to say that I totally predicted that the ghost would somehow be related to Kylie. I just want to know what Kylie is. UGH!!!



Kinda dumb, but she seemed like a typical teenage girl. Except for the fact that she could see ghosts. I just want to see how she grows in the series.



I'm not sure how I feel about him. I need to figure things out.



He's an ass. But sadly, he has to be a super sexy ass.


Della and Miranda

I'm just gonna have them together. They have a love-hate relationship and I can't wait to see what happens between them!!


Overall, I really liked this book! I don't really like the love triangle, but the two best friends, Della and Miranda, are amazing! I can't wait to read the rest of the series!

Throne of Glass - Sarah J. Maas




Why did I not read this sooner?!?!?! Seriously!! This book is just so freaking amazing that all I can do is go GFJADGNIADGNIUGUGURHGURHUWEMDFSFRGN!!!


I found out that this was originally a Cinderella retelling, but then it kinda changed. I can still find the Cinderella elements though. There are just enough to find them, but enough for it to still be it's own story.


It starts off with Celaena, a former assassin, being taken out of the salt mines that she has been sentenced to work it. The two men that take her out a Chaol, the captain of the guard, and Dorian, the prince of the ruling kingdom. They tell her that she must compete to become the king's assassin. If she wins, she gains freedom. If she loses, she goes back to the salt mines.


During her time in the castle, Dorian makes his feelings for Celaena pretty clear. He flirts with her and gives her stuff. He's the typical playboy that has had LOTS of lady friends.



Overrated. And there's Chaol. I can tell he likes Celaena. But she's flirting with Dorian, so he doesn't make his feelings known. I was rooting for him from the beginning. I feel that deep down, he is emotional and would do anything for Celaena.


Celaena also meets Nehemia, a princess of a country under Dorian's father's control. They become bestest friends and are super awesome together! All this happens while the other contestants are being killed and Celaena could be next. Dun dun DUUUNNNNNNNNN!!!!!



She's amazing. She loves shopping, clothing, sweets, and food. Yep, she's awesome. I also love the scene where Celaena's period comes back when she becomes healthy again. So funny.



I love him. I'm gonna take him and he shall be mine. I just need to break his hard exterior to get to all the sweetness he's hiding inside.



I don't like him. Celaena and Chaol will be together. Deal with it.



She's awesome and I can't wait to learn more about her!!


Overall, this book is amazing and I can't wait to read the next book in the series!! GAAAAAHHHH!!!!!

Alice in Zombieland (White Rabbit Chronicles) - Gena Showalter

Was this the Alice in Wonderland retelling that I was hoping for?



Was this the kind of book I like that I was looking for?



Had I known how bad it would have been, would I have still read it?



(Get it? It's funny, and I hate Twilight.)


This book was just a whole lot of



First, I just have to say that this book pretty much had NO Alice in Wonderland at all. The only things were the main character's name was Alice and there was a White Rabbit... cloud.



Then there was Cole, the love interest. He was a complete piece of shit. He's the typical asshole guy who pretty much verbally abuses the main character. He's super HAWT and he knows it and uses it to do what he wants. Alice fantasizes about getting all up on him after just looking into his eyes for the first time. Huh? Cole fantasizes about her, too. This book was just a confusing mess.



Mary-Sue, that should be her name. I wanted to feel bad for her because her family died, but I certainly didn't. I just wanted to punch her.



Two words: ASS and HOLE. Of course he was sexy, until Alice described his chest hair that lead down to beneath his pants. Guys need to wax that off.


Overall, this book was a HAWT mess. Like, I don't even know how this was Alice in Wonderland. That is my biggest question, will we eventually get some of that story? This book just leads you to think it's one thing, and then is something totally different. Ugh!

Birthmarked (Birthmarked Trilogy (Quality)) - Caragh M. O'Brien

This book was totally amazing. The main character is Gaia, a young midwife that is an outcast for her scar. She knows that she will never find anyone to love her, as she's considered a freak, but she's gotten over it. She knows what she has to do in life and just wants to do her job. That is until her parents are arrested by the people they loyally serve.


Gaia can't accept what has happened, but she chooses to continue on with her life, as that is what her parents would want her to do. However, she decides she needs answers. With some help, she sneaks into the city where the rich live to find her parents. After getting arrested for help delivering a baby from a dead woman, she learns what has happened. Her father was killed and her mother is locked away. He also gets help from a soldier, Leon, who she met when he told her that her parents had been arrested.


Gaia escapes with her little sister that her mother gives birth to right before her death, but Leon gets left behind. This made me so sad because they had feelings for each other. If anything happens to him, I'm gonna cry!



It's in the future and most of the water is dried up, so the nearby lake is called Unlake Superior. Is it Lake Superior in the future? Cause I'm from Michigan so is this like a shout out to us?



She was amazing and strong and independent. She knew what she needed to do and wouldn't let anything stop her. Yeah, she liked Leon, but she still had other plans to fulfill. You go, girl!!




He better not be dead. If he is, my heart will break. I just want him and Gaia to be together and have them live happily ever after!!!


Overall, there is a lot of dystopia, but this stand out. It has a strong female character and she doesn't let a boy get in her way. And I like her. She better have a happy ending!

Legend  - Marie Lu










These pictures were all by Marie Lu, the amazing author of this trilogy. She writes amazing books and draws amazing pictures!!




I first got the ebook loan in February, but I didn't finish it in time. So I got it again in April and finished it in that same day. I can't believe that I didn't finish it the first time cause it got so intense!!! This book was just so amazing and had so many twists and turns and feels!!!




I feel like whatever I say will just be an incoherent mess. So let's see if I can express my feelings through a different way...






















I hope that this has been enough.






She was badass and amazing and I just want to be like her when I grow up even though she's younger than me. I can't wait to see her crazy choices in the next book!!!!!






I feel weird saying this, but I think he's pretty hot. I feel kinda weird cause he's younger than me. I hope I'm not creepy...






I liked him at first, but now I hate him!!!!! I HOPE HE DIES!!!!






I feel like he could have been so amazing and he was a great brother, but HE HAD TO DIE!!!!! NOOOO!!!!




Commander Jameson


What a superbitch, and not in a good way.






The Rose Bride: A Retelling of "The White Bride and the Black Bride" - Nancy Holder, Mahlon F. Craft

So I've never read or heard of "The White Bride and the Black Bride," but I decided to still read this book. When I read the synopsis, I realized that it sounds a lot like "Cinderella." In both the mother dies, father remarries, the stepmother is terrible, the father dies, and the stepfamily hate the daughter. The only thing that keeps me from thinking that they're the same stories is that "Cinderella" is French and this story is German.


I started off liking this book pretty well. I felt bad for Rose, both of her parents were dead and she had to put up with her stepmother, Ombrine, and sister, Desiree, who treated her terribly. They only things she has left are her nurse, who Ombrine eventually fires, the statue of Artemis, and the purple roses that grew in the garden after her mother's death. The other story that happens is of a young king whose wife dies during her pregnancy.


I was worried from the beginning that Rose and the king would end up together, but I'll get to that later. Rose grows up and when tended to her roses, her long lost half-brother shows up. They don't realize who each other is, but he buys some of the flowers. Rose looks just like the dead queen, so the king has her sent to him. However, Rose goes missing and Ombrine uses magic to make Desiree look like her stepsister. Desiree, pretending to be Rose, and the king marry. Rose was turned into a doe, and watches all of this happen.


After a couple months, Desiree pretends to be pregnant and tells the king to kill Rose the deer, who he has become close with. While trying to kill Rose, Desiree is killed and her glamor falls. Rose turns into a human again and the king realizes his mistake. Rose could have stayed a deer and become the mate of the deer leader (?), but she chooses to become a human. They don't get married, because Rose doesn't want to. However, the eventually do get married. I was not happy about that.



I can't believe I used a Taylor Sift gif cause I can't stand that bitch.



But I love Anderson Cooper!



I'll add a third!!



I liked you, until you married the king. Dumbass. He only likes you cause you look like his DEAD WIFE!!!



They're pretty much the same person and I hated them both.


The King

I think his name was Jean-Marc or something, but I think it should be Dick-Head instead.


Overall, I didn't like this and the only thing enjoyable was the purple roses. I love roses so much! I hope the other books in this collection can lift my spirits!

Winter's Child - Cameron Dokey

I decided that I had to read this book right away after seeing Frozen. I'm obsessed with that movie and I listen to "Let it Go" on a daily basis. Not kidding. I also read too much Jelsa FanFic. I have a problem. Not gonna even try to deny it at all.


I also want to say that the girl on the cover is not how I imagined Deirdre, the Winter's Child, at all. Maybe I'm weird to not like it, but whatever.


So there's Kai and Grace, two neighbors that have been best friends since they were born. When they turn 16 and their families have died, Kai proposes to Grace. She loves him, but she's not ready. Kai totally freaks out and things are said. Because of this, Kai meets the Winter's Child, the girl he has heard the story about many times, and goes off with her to her castle. This seems strange to me. You just meet this girl and decide to go to her house? Really? After Grace sees that Kai has left, she sets out to find him.


From the beginning, I thought that Kai and Grace would end up together. But they don't. Kai and Deirdre, who changes her name to Hope at the end of the book, get together. I thought it was weird that Deirdre changed her name. I also thought it was weird that the falcon/hawk that helps Grace turns into a human. I feel like the author just didn't want Grace to end up alone.



As much as I can't stand Kanye, this gif is pretty accurate with my reaction.


I had super high hopes, and I was pretty let down. I guess it's pretty hard to compare something to Frozen, the best Disney movie ever. And to those who don't agree...




I thought she was fine. She had a good reason to not get married, she wasn't ready. Even after Kai was a jerk in response, she still went after him. Sure, she was no Anna, but she was OK.



Now I was annoyed by this little idiot. Yeah, I know Grace did that wish thing on him, but it was an accident. After meeting Deirdre, he's like totally obsessed with her. They just met. You're pathetic.



She totally ruined my ship.



I don't like her.


Overall, maybe I would've liked this book had I not had such high hopes after seeing Frozen. But that movie is amazing and everyone should love it. Just love it.

Legacy of the Clockwork Key - Kristin Bailey

I also read this book for free on Pulseit. This was the first book that I read that I was aware was steampunk. I've read Pullman's His Dark Materials series. And after reading this book, I became obsessed with steampunk. Since reading this book, I have read at least a dozen steampunk books and I am never looking back.



After Meg's mansion is set on fire, her family and the wealthy life she once had are gone. She has nothing left. With no money left to her name, she must become a servant. The house she now works on is definitely strange. She has no one to talk to and the house seems off. She learns that there's a stable boy, Will, and has him look at her necklace. The thing is, it isn't a necklace. It's a key.


When Meg is fired from the house by the owner, she searches for answers. With Will to help her, they travel across the United Kingdom, desperate to find the truth.


I felt bad for Meg. She lost her family and everything she had. She was lonely. She wanted someone to talk to. Then she meets Will and it's annoyance at first sight. They can't stand each other. But they only have each other to talk to. I felt bad for Will, too. He was also lonely.


I read this book a while ago, so I'm not sure what else to say...



I thought she was great. I mean she was lonely, but she just wanted to interact with someone. She went through so much during this book, she loses everything and then she has the chance to undo everything that happened, but then she never would have met Will.



I love me some snarky British boys. I can't help myself. It's one of my weaknesses. I just want him to be happy, too. He and Meg MUST be together. It just HAS to happen!!!


Overall, this book was great. Because of this, I now love and am obsessed with steampunk. I can't wait to read the next book! I have such high hopes!!

Let the Sky Fall - Shannon Messenger

My Initial Reaction:



Did it seriously need to end that way!?!?!? I can't wait until 2014 to see what happens next!!!! I need to read it NOW!!!!!

My Actual Review:

I read this book for free on Pulseit and it was amazing. I thought that it was great that this book was different. So many young adult paranormal books contain vampires, fairies, and werewolves, but this one was all about sylphs. I haven't read too many books that are about sylphs, so this was amazing.


I felt so bad for Audra. She hates herself because she feels that it's all her fault that her father and Vane's parents are dead. And, to make it worse, her mother blames Audra for it, too. Because of this guilt, she dedicates her entire life, from the time soon after those three died, to protect Vane. She refuses to be happy!!



It was just SO SO SAD!!!! Let's bring this to a happier note, maybe.


So Vane has remembered Audra from the day when their parents died. And when he sees her, he remembers her. He can't figure out why she's so familiar, but she is familiar. Audra eventually realizes that they need to be around each other and she needs to teach him how to control the wind, because the person who killed their families is coming back.


I also must add that while reading this book, I had the Adele song, that has the same name, stuck in my head. I like that song, but it got annoying at times. I just wanted to concentrate more on this amazing book!!


I read this almost a year ago, so I don't remember too much. I hope this is enough...



I loved her and she was amazing. I felt so bad for her and I just wanted her to be happy. He felt so guilty and I hated her mom. Her mom was such a BITCH!! Ugh! I just want Audra to be happy!!!!!



He kinda annoyed me, but I also loved him at the same time. Such conflicting emotions. I just want him and Audra to be together so they can be happy and not lonely! That's all I want in my life!!!!!


Overall, this book was awesome. It's paranormal, yet it's different from so many young adult paranormal books. It's so creative! I can't wait to read the next book!!!!!

Vampire Academy - Richelle Mead

Vampires are super popular among young adult literature. It's pretty easy to find them. Of course, as we all know, Twilight is probably the most popular. And sadly, other great vampire books get forgotten. Like this one. When I found out that this was going to become a movie, I decided that it needed to put at the top of my list. And I'm so happy that I read it and didn't wait.


Rose Hathaway is a Dhamphir, a half-vampire bodyguard trained to protect the Moroi, the powerful, full vampires. After being on the run for two years with her Moroi best friend, Lissa, she's dragged back to St. Vladimir's, the very school they ran from. And they're not sure if it's safe for them to stay.


Rose gets paired up with Dimitri, a hot, older Dhamphir, to train with.



And there's so much sexual tension between them. I felt so bad for Rose because she had feelings for him and he had feelings for her, but they weren't allowed to show them because of their jobs as bodyguards and their age difference. I loved Lissa and Rose's friendship, but Lissa annoyed me sometimes. I feel like she didn't understand or care that her best friend wouldn't get to have her own life. I wanted to slap Lissa quite a few times.



I also really liked Christian. I do enjoy me some sexy bad boy. Dark hair, blue eyes... let me have him!


I really want to talk about the movie. I haven't seen it, but I feel like I won't like it. I don't really like many of the actors. Rose's actress doesn't look at all like how I imagined Rose. For some reason I got annoyed by Lissa's actress. It's probably the accent. That was the same with Christian's actor, the accent, but I thought he looked like Christian. And I wasn't attracted to Dimitri's actor like I should have been. Dimitri oozes hotness, and I don't feel that the actor does. But I do like the choice of Sarah Hyland for Natalie. Too bad she dies.


I saw and interview of the girl who plays Mia (the actress doesn't look like how Mia should look at all) and she just sounded so stupid. Then Joel McHale made fun of her and I laughed, but felt bad because she made the movie look stupid. I will say that I did like the soundtrack. I love how Natalia Kills (Boys Don't Cry) and Iggy Azalea (Bounce) were included. I love them and I feel like Natalia deserves to be a lot more popular.



She was amazing. She was sassy and snarky, yet still caring. I feel like she was different from a lot of female characters cause she actually had a backbone.



I liked her, but she annoyed me a lot. I feel like she was used to being the center of attention and having her needs being put before everyone else's, including her best friend's.



So, so sexy. He was amazing, he just needed to accept and admit that he loved Rose.



Also quite sexy. If Lissa annoys me anymore, I'm gonna take him and his fire powers!


Overall, this book was amazing and I can't wait to read the other books. Rose and Dimitri just need to get together and live happily ever after!

Destroy Me - Tahereh Mafi

I already loved Warner, but now I love him even more! We get to see everything through Warner's eyes, which I've wanted to read since I started Shatter Me. He has all this inner turmoil and I'm usually turned off by it, but for some reason I loved it!!! I'm in love with him so much and if for some reason Juliette is stupid and chooses Adam, I'll make Warner VERY happy!!!


Here are some gifs of another sexy bad boy with inner turmoil that I love:





Overall, this novella was amazing and I can't wait for Ignite Me!!!!! It comes out in 4 days but I can't wait much longer! GAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!

Defiance - C.J. Redwine

When Rachel's father never returns from his courier mission, he is declared dead. Rachel does everything she can to make the tyrannical leader believe her father is still alive, but nothing works. In her father's will, he hands Rachel's guardianship to her father's closest friend: Logan. Neither of the two are happy. Rachel professed her love to Logan two years ago, and he didn't feel the same. The only thing they have in common is their desire to leave Baalboden.


The two eventually learn to trust each other, but they still feel uncomfortable. When they try to escape the city, they are separated. Logan is sent to the dungeons and Rachel is forced to travel out in the Wastelands with one of the city's best guards. Logan is able to break free and catches up with Rachel after a few days. Once Logan catches up, he finds the guard dead. He learns that Rachel killed him out of self-defense and has found the burial ground for her father.


With the help from two people from a tribe in the Wastelands, they make their way back to Baalboden. Once they get back, the city is attacked by a vicious monster that has terrorized the city for decades. The city is destroyed and many people are killed. Rachel, Logan, and the rest of the survivors must find a way to live in the Wastelands, as they have no clue what to do.



I thought she was amazing! She knew what she wanted to do and refused to let anyone stop her. I also felt SOOOO bad for her. She told Logan that he loved her, but he told her that he didn't feel the same. They she has to live with him and they both feel awkward. Especially when Rachel has to go to the ceremony where a man would choose her to be his wife and Logan sees just how much she has changed in two years.



Half the time I wanted to smack him and the other half I wanted to hug him. He was stupid to try to deny his feelings for Rachel and not tell her. But he was just so smart and handsome and I was in love with him!!



He doesn't really appear in the book alive, only in flashbacks. He was really secretive, but a great father to Rachel and mentor to Logan. I wonder if he shipped the two of them. I hope we learn more about him in the next two books!!


Overall, this book was amazing and different than others I've read. Usually, in books, when the girl tells the boy that she loves him, he says that he loves her, too. But in this one, the boy rejects the girl. And a few years later he realizes that he was dumb, and it might be a little too late. I can't wait to read the next book in this trilogy!!!!

Starcrossed  - Josephine Angelini

I've read a LOT of bad reviews of this book, but I decided to check it out for myself. I wanted to see if I could enjoy. I was WAY to hopeful. This book was SOOOOOOOOO annoying. The beautiful color and mythology-based story led me on and then dumped me off in the middle unhappiness.


I want to start out with Helen. She's tall, talented, and incredibly beautiful. She pretty much has guys falling on their knees when she walks by, but Helen is completely oblivious and has no idea that she's gorgeous. When she meets Lucas, the first thoughts that come to her head are "he's totes sexii" and "I'm gonna kill him for no reason!" Well, those aren't her exact thoughts, but they're close enough. She automatically hates him, but then shit happens and they're madly in love. They can't be pulled apart and they sleep in the same bed together. She's getting pretty far for someone that's never been in a relationship.


Lucas, Lucas, Lucas... I initially fell in love with you because of your name. But as I said before, all this crap happens and then they pretty much plan to run away together. However, there's a catch. Lucas can't take Helen's V-card. So they decide that Helen should have sex with some other guy and it will be all fine.



Then Lucas says that he'll kill the guy she has sex with. You were cool with the idea. If I were Helen, I'd be asking "Do I need to kill the girl that took your virginity?"


Anyways, this book was a crazy train wreck, and I couldn't help but watch it all unfold. I really need to work on my self-control and make better choices. I no longer drink coffee late at night, so I think I can get better.


I don't think I need to re-hash my opinions of Helen and Lucas again down here.


Overall, I'm not sure what drug I was on when I started this book. I should have read the reviews of the people I trust the most on Goodreads. This was pretty much a rewrite of Twilight, but, as I said before, I have no self-control and will likely read the other two books in this trilogy. I'm so disappointed in myself...

Glass Houses - Rachel Caine

Claire Danvers isn't your typical college freshman. She loves physics, doesn't hang out with people, and is only 16. Or, as she would say, 16 and a HALF. After she gets bullied one too many times by the popular girls at school, she decides she needs to leave her dorm. She finds a new place to live: Glass House. She's initially unsure of her new roomies, but she eventually becomes friends with them.


After moving there, she learns about that Morganville is run by vampires. She learns that although the town appears to be normal, but she figures out how to keep herself safe with the help of her new friends.



I liked her. Sure, she wasn't really confident and unsure of herself, I thought she was great. She knew what she wanted to do. I hope she becomes stronger in the next books.



For a Goth girl, she was pretty peppy. She always seemed pretty excited. She did have her emotional moments, but she was a great best friend. I also thought her crush on Michael was cute.



He was a great guy and really protective of his friends. He would so anything to keep them safe, even though he didn't make smart choices of how to help them. I'm pretty sure he's interested in Claire, and I can't wait to see where things go!!



He's really mysterious and can never be found during the day. Everyone only sees him at night, and he never leaves the house. But Claire accidently learns his secret; he's a ghost. She promises to not tell anyone else. But towards the end of the book, he tells Shane and Eve his secret.


Overall, I can't wait to read the next book and see what happens! I hope things work out between Claire and Shane and Michael and Eve. I know a lot of people don't like this series too much because there are 15 books, but I want to read it and then see how I feel.

Unravel Me - Tahereh Mafi

I feel that I can best express myself in this review through gifs...



When I finally got this book:








When I Started Reading the Book:




When I Finished the Book and Wanted the Next One:






All of these gifs and pictures accurately show how I felt while going through the twists and turns of this book.



She got a little annoying, but I think that it's Adam's fault. He was getting all sulky and annoying and it was rubbing off on Juliette. She was trying to keep up with his mood swings and tried to keep him happy, but it never worked. She is so much better with Warner because I feel like they understand each other better. They both grew up without love and are lonely. They are PERFECT for each other!!



I wanted to slap him. I'm pretty sure he was PMSing or something to have such crazy emotions. He needed to calm his tits. He was the most aggravating person EVER!!!!!



During this entire book, all I could think about was how Warner made me think about Loki. They are both misunderstood, need love, and are incredibly HAWT!!





I'm in love with Loki/Tom Hiddleston!



He's known as the jokester of the group, but we see a little more of a serious Kenji in this book. But I still love him!


Overall, this book was amazing and was a great sequel to the first book. It has me going crazy to get the third and final book in my hands. I can't wait much longer!!!!

The Dark Discovery of Jack Dandy - Kady Cross

Although he's appeared in the first two books of this series, we don't know a whole lot about Jack Dandy. We don't know his past or his point of view of everything that's happened. When he's offered a lot of money to take a mysterious crate from one place to another, he can't help but look inside. And he didn't not expect to see what he saw.


He finds a half-human half-automaton girl inside the crate. She has a metal skeleton, but has skin growing around it. He becomes attached to her, and when he has to drop the crate off, he can't help but worry what's going to happen to her.


We learn that he gets around with lots of women, so even though he does have feelings for Finley, they aren't as strong as I thought they were. We also learn that his father was a rich man who is embarrassed by Jack, but still paid for him to get a good education.


Overall, this is a great little filler between the second and third books. I can't wait to read the third book and see if the automaton girl reappears!!